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My name is Sverrir Sigmundarson and I am an independant software consultant currently based in Strasbourg (France) but previously working in the finance and technology sectors in London (UK).
I specialize in simple and powerful software solutions for the finance and technology sectors.
With more than 15 years of professional experience in software engineering in both academia, finance and technology industry, I specialise in designing and building software solutions that suite modern expectations for rapid development and short development cycles.
I have experience in designing, building and shipping highly scalable mission-critical products for a range of different types of devices and environments. I've been responsible for the maintenance and improvements of extremely large existing software code in both the finance and search markets.
Recent projects include work on large-scale distributed web search systems and various related ad-hoc developer software.


Sample of
Technology & specialisations

C#, C++, Python, Windows

C# .NET software (server & client)
High performance C++ server software
Ad-hoc developer & system maintenance tools
Microsoft Excel Add-ins (XLL, RTD, COM, VBA)
Developer APIs
Web search and query auto-completing
Productivity scripting and process automation solutions

Contact & Availability

Available for remote work

I am currently busy with other projects but feel free to send me an email at or contact me on LinkedIn
I'll get back to your inquiry as soon as possible.
In the meantime please check out some of my personal projects in my labs section.


Examples of a few personal projects

When not spending time with family I'm tinkering away on my personal projects. Trying to build software to either address my own needs or requirements or simply to test out and learn about new technology.
Unfortunately only a fraction of my projects ever make it to a "production ready" state and are polished enough to show to the general public.
My lab section hosts a few examples of finished beta-state projects, click here to check them out in the labs section.



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